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FloridaGunWorks.com Terms & Conditions.

All Federal, State, and local laws apply to the sale of firearms. Receipt of a signed, current Federal Firearms License (FFL) or Curio & Relic License (C&R), if applicable, is required prior to shipment of any firearms. Buyer is responsible for complying with all state and local laws, and by placing an order you represent that such purchase is legal in your area and not restricted by law. Purchase indicates Florida GunWorks (FGW) is not liable for the improper use, misuse, damages, or any illegal activity involving possession of purchased firearms, components, or ammunition and that you agree with the Terms & Conditions as listed on this page.

Standard no return policy on firearms. Defective firearms should be sent to the manufacturer for warranty repair. Any defective product will be replaced within 7 days of receipt of merchandise. A return authorization number will be required on all returns. We are not responsible for unauthorized returns. Any unauthorized return will be shipped back at the owner's expense or refused. Standard 20% restocking fee on all items returned for any purpose other than replacement. PLEASE NOTE: Orders cancelled within 24 hours of credit card processing will not incur the restock fee. If an order is cancelled after 24 hours of credit card processing, it will incur the standard 20% restocking fee. Please note: merchandise which has been used, altered, installed, or worked on by a gunsmith will void any return previledges. Merchandise must be in the condition received, in order to qualify for return or exchange. All surplus parts should be inspected prior to installation and/or alteration. All processing fees and S&H are non refundable on returned merchandise. Other charges may apply to damaged or used merchandise. Charges are subject to inspection. All sales are final after 3 days of receipt. All orders subject to availability.

Firearms will be shipped ONLY to a Federally Licensed dealer. Firearms cannot be shipped until we have received a signed in ink copy of your dealer's FFL, a fax copy is not acceptable. Please be keep in mind that most dealers charge a transfer fee, which is the buyers responsibility.

Ammo sales:
You must be 18 years of age or older to order any rifle ammunition, 21 years of age or older to order handgun ammunition. A signed waiver form will be required from annyone buying ammunition. You may mail this form with your payment or fax it to (305) 220-8289.

All orders must be paid in full prior to delivery or shipping. Personal and business checks held for twenty (20) days. All prices reflect a 3% cash discount; credit card orders are subject to a 3% non-cash surcharge. 7% sales tax, will automatically be added to any order shipped to Florida.

Used firearms:
We inspect each firearm prior to shipping, but a firearm is a mechanical device. As all mechanical devices can wear and malfunction, we suggest that all used firearms purchased be inspected by a qualified gunsmith prior to use.

FGW reserves the right to refuse to sell a firearm to any individual or company.

FGW, does not assume the liability for any use or future use of any firearm purchased from us, including the sale of this firearm by the buyer to any other person or persons.

High Capacity Magazine Restrictions:
We cannot ship any magazines to the following jurisdictions: California, Massachusetts, New York City, and Washington, D.C. We cannot ship any magazine over 15 rds. to New Jersey. We cannot ship any magazine over 20 rds. to Maryland.

Please make sure to include your Name, Address, Phone, E-Mail, and Payment Information with your order.

Any damage sustained in shipping must be communicated to FGW within twenty-four (24) hours of receipt. All carton packaging materials must be retained for inspection by carrier. Failure to do so will void any claim for damage.

Safety Information:
FGW cautions against the use of its products by persons untrained or inexperienced in the use of firearms or any other tool/weapon that our products are intended to carry. Careless or negligent usage of any of these items with or without these products may be dangerous and may result in injury or death. Products have been inspected prior to shipment by the manufacturer; however, the user/buyer should inspect the product before use.

FGW will sell firearms directly to Individual Sworn Police officers (with the approprate paperwork, see Forms below) or Federal, State, County and City Agencies.



FGW is not responsible for Web-site or shopping cart errors. We will do our best to present an accuate site. The prices on our web site are rarely in error but we retain the right to refuse any transaction pending verification of correct pricing. We will also inform you of any discrepancy we might encounter and allow you the choice of purchase or refusal at the correct price. All prices are subject to change without notice.

FGW has reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order at any point in the transaction for any reason, regardless if any invoice has been printed or listed. Sales are not final until the order is received by the customer.

Due to the large volume of business we do, all orders are processed in the order in which they are received. In the case of firearms, orders are processed once a signed copy of your dealer's FFL license is received. Please allow up to 7 to 10 business days for receipt of order.

International Orders

We do ship orders overseas/internationally and this section has several tools to help you when placing your order.

You are responsible for being in compliance with your countries import restrictions. We usually know when an item can not be shipped to a certain country, but some times we do make mistakes. If an item is confiscated by customs, you will still be held liable for payment to FGW for any item shipped. We will send a copy of the mail receipt upon request should you wish.

The shipping charges in the shopping cart are not accurate for international orders. Your order will most likely be adjusted up to cover the actual shipping costs. We ship international orders via the United States Post Office unless otherwise requested.

The customer pays all shipping, insurance, and customs fees, customs duties and assumes responsibility for any lost shipment to countries that do not allow us to insure shipment within their borders.

As with any international shipment, you may be required to pay some delivery fee or import taxes. International customers are responsible for any and all duties or taxes assessed on packages and for return shipping charges on any refused packages! FedEx can be requested.

We can ship most parts and accessories overseas, but it is your responsibility to be informed about what may or may not be imported into your country. FFL items (Firearms, receivers, etc.) cannot be shipped out of the United States. Some exceptions may apply in the case of export to foreign governments for military or police use, and with proper paperwork. Please check up on your government rules. FGW is not responsible for goods lost, or damaged in transit.


If you are looking for something that does not appear in our Website, contact us for a quote. If you are not quite sure on how to describe the item, make a drawing or send us a diagram or photo. You must include brand, model, etc.

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"When the strong man, fully armed, guards his own palace, his goods are in peace."
Luke 11:21

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